Vat 69 Price in Punjab [Jan 2024]

Are you a whisky lover? Are you a Vat 69 Whisky lover? Do you want to know Vat 69 Price in Punjab if yes, then in this article I will tell you the latest Vat 69 Price in Punjab for all volumes & all variants of Vat 69 Whisky.

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Vat 69 Whisky Price in Punjab

Vat 69 Price in Punjab180ml₹280
Vat 69 Price in Punjab375ml₹500
Vat 69 Price in Punjab750ml₹900
Vat 69 Price in Punjab1l/1000ml₹1100

Introduction about Vat 69 Whisky

The Vat 69 Whisky is among the best whiskies in the world. William Sanderson originally presented VAT 69 to the market in the year 1882. Diageo, a British alcohol firm is the proprietor of VAT 69.

Do you know the origin of Sanderson’s brand name Vat 69? He asked a group of alcoholic professionals to select the top 100 whisky blends and they settled on mix number 69 as the best. As a result, this company’s name became “VAT69.”

The whiskies used to make Vat 69 are mixed together. 40 different types of malt whiskies and grain whiskies are mixed together during the blending process.[Vat 69 Price in Punjab]

Whisky Brand nameVat 69 Blended Scotch Whisky
Alcohol Percentage40%
Origin of CountryScotland
Introduced in Year1882

Some Other variants of Vat 69

Vat 69 has some variants of different types as mentioned below-:

Alcohol Percentage in Vat 69 Whisky

The alcohol content of Vat 69 whisky is 40%, which is almost lower than the alcohol content of other Indian whiskies which is 42.8%.

Vat 69 Whisky Review

How to drink Vat 69

Don’t know how to drink Vat 69 Whisky? Don’t worry I will provide you with all the details on how can you make or drink Vat 69. Just follow below mentioned steps-[Vat 69 Price in Punjab]

  1. Try Just Neat – Vat 69 Whisky can be enjoyed straight up without mixing. This scotch can be consumed neat. Just sipping Neat will give you Vat 69 Whisky’s fuller flavor.
  2. Single Mixer – If you want to mask the aroma of Vat 69 Whisky, combine soda water with regular cold water or ice cubes. To add some cooling coconut water, just do it. For mixing with Vat 69 Whisky other soft drinks like cola and sprites are excellent substitutes.
  3. Mix with Fruit Juice – Both fresh and canned fruit juices can be used with Vat 69 Whisky. Try whisky with grapefruit or lemon juice as well.

Vat 69 Price in Punjab-FAQs

What is Vat 69?

Vat 69 is a whisky brand owned by Diageo.

Is Vat 69 is a good Scotch?

Yes, Vat 69 is a very good Scotch amongst all the Scotch brands

Where can I buy Vat 69?

You can buy Vat 69 Whisky at the nearest alcohol shop or you can order it online for home delivery.

Is Vat 69 a good Whisky?

Yes, Vat 69 is a very good whisky to drink

How much is Vat 69 180ml price in Punjab?

Vat 69 180ml price in Punjab is ₹280

What is Vat 69 375ml price in Punjab?

Vat 69 375ml price in Punjab is ₹500

What is Vat 69 750ml price in Punjab?

Vat 69 750ml price in Punjab is ₹900

What is Vat 69 1l price in Punjab?

Vat 69 1l price in Punjab is ₹1100

How much is Vat 69 bottle price in Punjab?

Vat 69 bottle costs around ₹900 in Punjab


One of the finest whiskies in Punjab is Vat 69 Whisky. In contrast to other whiskies offered in Punjab, the whisky is very expensive. You can get Vat 69 from any store if you plan to have an average-priced party at home with your friends.

However, you’ll see that there are various variations in the cost of Vat 69 Whisky due to factors including volume, governmental taxes, and the store’s location. In Punjab, you may purchase Vat 69 Whisky from any nearby liquor store.

If you have any queries or suggestions, you can share them in the comment section below.

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