Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi [January 2024]

Hey, my dear viewers, do you want to know the Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi? If yes, then in this article I am going to share the current Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi. It is one of the premium whiskies available in the Indian market like Jack Daniels, and Blenders Pride.

This Scotch whisky is prepared by using premium ingredients with a long and distinguished history and high standards. Malted barley provides an earthy base, while corn and rye add complexity and depth to the whisky’s character. Teachers Whisky is made by skillfully blending malt and grain whiskies.

In this article, we will check the prices of Teachers for all volumes, i.e. 60ml, 180ml ,375ml and 750ml in Delhi.

We will check out:

  • Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi
  • Teachers Whisky Price in New Delhi
  • Teachers Highland Price in Delhi
  • Teachers Whisky 750ml Price in Delhi
  • Teachers 50 Whisky Price in Delhi
  • Teachers 50 Price in Delhi
  • Teachers wine price in Delhi
  • Teachers 12 years price in Delhi

Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi

Brand NameVolumePrice
Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi180mlRs 505
Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi375mlRs 1015
Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi750mlRs 2030
Teachers Highland Cream Price in Delhi60mlRs 125
Teachers Highland Price in Delhi180mlRs 385
Teachers Highland Price in Delhi375mlRs 775
Teachers Highland Price in Delhi750mlRs 1550
Teachers Highland Price in Delhi1000mlRs 2060
Teachers Highland Cream Price in Delhi180mlRs 470
Teachers Highland Cream Price in Delhi375mlRs 940
Teachers Highland Cream Price in Delhi750mlRs 1870

About Teachers Whisky

Teachers Whisky is considered one of the top Scottish whisky brands all over the world. Produced by Beam Suntory in Scotland in 1884 it has acquired a very big market all over the globe.

It has several quite impressive features, like a peat-smoky, smoke-tangy nose and a flavor-filled mouth full of rich malts. Sweeter flavors of apples, pears, and honey make it a unique scotch to drink.

Teachers Whisky comes in different variants, like Teachers 50 Scottish Reserve, Teachers Highland Cream, and Teachers Golden Thistle Blended Scotch Whisky.

A few details of Teachers Whisky are given below:

Brand NameTeachers Scotch Whisky
Alcohol Percentage40%
Introduced in1884
ManufacturerBeam Suntory
ColorRich amber with yellow gold
Official Websiteteacherswhisky.com

Variants of Teachers Scotch Whisky

Teachers Highland Cream : Highland Cream Whisky is a blended whisky with a significant amount of malt whisky, which gives it a unique flavor and aroma. It is a flavorful and simple whisky that is good on its own or with any type of mixer.

Teachers 50 : This unique and aged whisky from many Scottish distilleries is used to create this limited-edition whisky. The flavor profile of Teachers 50 is distinctive, with hints of vanilla, wood, and dried fruit.

Teachers Whisky Review

You can check out the Teachers Whisky review below:

Teachers Whisky Price in DelhiFAQ

What is Teachers 750ml Price in Delhi?

Teachers 750ml Price in Delhi is around Rs.2000/-

What is Teachers Highland Cream Whisky Price in Delhi?

Teachers Highland Cream Whisky Price in Delhi is around Rs.1500/- for 750ml.


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