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Royal Challenge is well-known whisky among whisky lovers in India and due to its distinctive flavor, great quality, and impressive appeal. We will check the history, varieties, blending methods, tasting, pairing and market presence of Royal Challenge. This whisky comes under average price compare to other whisky brands in India that’s why most of the people prefer this brand over other whisky brands.

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Royal Challenge Whisky Price in UP

Royal Challenge Whisky Price in UP90ml₹90
Royal Challenge Whisky Price in UP180ml₹160
Royal Challenge Whisky Price in UP375ml₹300
Royal Challenge Whisky Price in UP750ml₹580

About Royal Challenge Whisky

Shaw Wallace & Business which is one of the Leading Indian alcoholic beverage company in India first introduced Royal Challenge in 1980. Currently United Spirits Limited is the owner of Royal Challenge. The whisky was made by blending Indian and Scotch malts, giving it a distinctive flavor that immediately became popular with Indian consumers.

Over the years, Royal Challenge has achieved a number of distinctions and milestones. At the 1995 London International Wine & Spirit Competition, it grabbed The “Gold Best in Class” award.

It has also received the “Gold Quality Award” from the Monde Selection in Brussels in 2004. These accolades contributed to the success of Royal Challenge as one of India’s top premium whisky brands.

Royal Challenge has had a huge impact on the Indian whisky industry. The industry currently uses a common combination of Indian and Scotch malts because it was one of the first premium Indian whiskies to do so. Because of the brand’s recognition, a number of high-end whisky companies were able to enter the Indian market.

Royal Challenge is still a dominant brand in the Indian whisky industry today. It is well known for its supple flavor and unique blend of Indian and Scotch whiskey. It is regarded as one of the top Indian whisky brands in overseas markets where its ubiquity has increased.

A few details of Royal Challenge Whisky is given below-:[Royal Challenge Whisky Price in UP]

BrandRoyal Challenge
Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Produced inIndia
ManufacturerUnited Spirits Limited
Introduced inEarly 1980s
ColorGolden Amber
TasteVery smooth with flavors of oak and spice
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Royal Challenge Variants

Following are the latest variants of Royal Challenge Whisky-:

  • Royal Challenge Classic Whisky

This is the first classic version of Royal Challenge. This version is made by imported Scottish malt whiskies with Indian grain spirits. The flavor of this whisky smooth with undertones of oak, caramel, and vanilla. It can be drink neat (on the rocks) or by adding in any cocktails or spirits.

  • Royal Challenge Premium Whisky

This premium whisky is made by imported Scottish malt and Indian grain spirits and aged for at least 12 years in oak barrels. It has a rich, complex flavor with hints of fruit and spice and a long, smooth finish. The flavors are greatest when consumed neat with a dash of water.

  • Royal Challenge Rare Whisky

This uncommon and exclusive kind is a concoction of Scottish malt whiskies and Indian grain spirits that have been matured in wood barrels for at least 18 years. It has a deep, complex flavor profile with undertones of oak, dark chocolate, and dried fruit. It tastes and smells finest when consumed straight up or with a few drops of water.

Alcohol percent in Royal Challenge

The Royal Challenge Whisky contains 42.8% alcohol.

Royal Challenge Whisky Review


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