World’s Best Selling NEFT Vodka Price in India 2024

Looking for NEFT Vodka Price in India. Nowadays, the popularity of NEFT Vodka is seen all over India. This vodka brand is crafted in Austria and is now gaining popularity all over the world. This small-batch vodka has a great taste and a smooth finish.

It’s a drinkable vodka that doesn’t need to be dressed up or watered down. Only two ingredients are used: Old World, non-GMO rye, and oxygen-rich mountain spring water from the Rhein River beneath the Alps.

This vodka brand is recognized as one of the best vodka brands in the industry. The Tasting Panel awarded it 98 points and named it the best vodka in 2018 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

NEFT—Russian for oil—is a super-premium vodka wrapped in its oil barrel and made with only the purest ingredients.

If we talk about its taste, it’s sweet caramel, vanilla, and lemongrass with a velvety finish.

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NEFT Vodka Price in India

The prices of NEFT Vodka depend upon factors such as productivity, taxes, and duties by Govt. & other factors.

However, the average price of NEFT Vodka is given below-

Vodka BrandVolumePrice
NEFT Vodka Black Barrel700mlApprox Rs.5300
NEFT Vodka Black Barrel1000mlAprrox Rs.7500

About NEFT Vodka

NEFT Vodka is made of only two ingredients: Old World, non-GMO rye and oxygen-rich alpine spring water from the Rhein River beneath the Austrian Alps. This NEFT Vodka has teamed up with world-famous Italian racing team Scuderia Alphatauri.

A few details are as follows:

Vodka Brand NameNeft Vodka  
Produced ByNeft Vodka  
OwnerKatya Kuzmina
Country of OriginAustria
Alcohol Percentage40%
Official Website

NEFT Vodka Price in India- FAQs

Where is Neft vodka made?

Neft Vodka is made in Austria.

What is the difference between white and black NEFT Vodka?

white and black NEFT Vodka are both are same . The only difference is in the color of the bottle or can of NEFT vodka.

Kindly note that these prices may vary from the actual prices in the shop. It is suggested that for the most updated prices of NEFT Vodka, please visit your nearest liquor shop.

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