Maqintosh Whisky Price in UP Jan 2024

Maqintosh Whisky Price in UP: Hello my dear readers, do you want to know the latest Whisky brand Maqintosh Whisky Price in UP, then in this article I am going to share the latest Maqintosh Whisky Price in UP so be with this article the end to know the latest Maqintosh Whisky Price in UP. Let’s Cheer.

Maqintosh Whisky Price in UP

If you are living in UP and thinking of drinking Maqintosh Whisky but don’t know the price. Below is the list of prices of Maqintosh Whisky available in UP right now so that you can purchase it from the nearest alcohol shop.  

Brand NameVolumePrice
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky  180mlRs.400/-
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky375mlRs.790/-
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky750mlRs.1250/-

Introduction about Maqintosh Whisky

Maqintosh is an Indian whisky and Amrut Distilleries is the owner of Maqintosh Whisky. The company is also known for the world’s most famous brand ‘Amrut’.  Maqintosh Whisky is very popular among whisky lovers in North India in the states of New Delhi, Haryana, and UP. This Whisky contains malted barley and distilled grains.

Brief details about  Maqintosh Whisky in UP are as follows:

Whisky Brand nameMaqintosh Silver Edition Whisky
Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Origin of CountryIndia
ManufacturerAmrut Distilleries
Introduced in Year2004
ColorGolden Brown
NoseFaint clove and cardamom spice
VariantsMaqintosh Finest Grain Whisky
Maqintosh Blue Reserve Whisky

Alcohol Percentage in Maqintosh Whisky

The Maqintosh Whisky contains 42.8% alcohol.

Volumes of Maqintosh Whisky

There are three types of volumes i.e. 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml in Maqintosh Whisky.

Maqintosh Whisky Review

Maqintosh Whisky price in UP- Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amrut Maqintosh single malt?

Yes, Amrut Maqintosh is a single-malt whisky.

What is MaQintosh premium whisky made from?

Maqintosh Premium  Whisky is made by blending malted barley and distilled grain.

What is the alcohol percentage of Maqintosh Whisky?

Maqintosh Whisky contains 42.8% alcohol.

What is Maqintosh Whisky 180ml price in UP?

Maqintosh whisky 180ml price in UP is Rs.400/-

What is Maqintosh Whisky 375ml price in UP?

Maqintosh whisky 375ml price in UP is Rs.790/-

What is Maqintosh Whisky 750ml price in UP?

Maqintosh whisky 750ml price in UP is Rs.1250/-

Maqintosh Whisky Price in UPConclusion

 For the latest price of Maqintosh Whisky you can visit your nearest alcohol shop.

Please drink safely. Stay Healthy and fit.

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