Magic Moments Price in Kerala [Jan 2024]

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Magic Moments is one of the leading Vodka brands compared to other brands available in Indian market right now.

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Magic Moments Price in Kerala

Vodka Brand NameVolumePrice
Magic Moments Price in Kerala [Premium Grain Plain Flavor Vodka]750ml₹ 999
Magic Moments Price in Kerala [Flavor Vodka Orange]750ml₹ 1025
Magic Moments Price in Kerala [Verve Vodka Chocolate  ]750ml₹ 999

About Magic Moments Vodka

The Magic Moments Vodka is one of the famous vodka brands in India.

Magic Moments brand is manufactured by Radico Khaitan Ltd. a famous alcoholic beverages company in India. It is introduced in the market in the year 2006 and now almost 50% of the market is occupied by the share of Magic Moments Vodka.

 It is considered one of the premium vodka in reasonable price. The craze of this vodka can be seen in young generation who prefers this vodka in every occasion. Kartika Aryan and Jacqueline Fernandez were also seen doing  Ads of Magic Moments Vodka in television. Due to many flavors, its taste is very smooth according to its ingredients. Golden Apple and Lemon flavor is among the top selling flavors of Magic Moments Vodka. Magic Moments Price

Below is given a few detail of Magic Moments Vodka-: [Magic Moments price in Kerala]

Brand NameMagic Moments
Alcohol Percentage37.5 % ABV (75 proof)
FlavorGreen Apple, Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass & Ginger, Grapefruit, watermelon, Chocolate, Raspberry & Cucumber, Wild green Lemon
ColourAccording to flavor
Volume available90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml & 1000ml
Official Website

Magic Moments alcohol percentage

This premium Magic Moments Vodka contains 37.5% alcohol by volume (75 proof).

Magic Moments Vodka variants

The Magic Moments vodka comes in 8 types of Flavors according to the info collected from the official website of Moments Magic. The details of same are given below-:

Green Apple: Magic Moments Green Apple is prepared by mixing of blend of sour and sweet apples. You can experience the sweetness & aroma of blended mixture.

Remix Orange: Magic Moments Remix Orange is the perfect choice for making mixer or cocktails because it contains tangy flavors of oranges.

Grapefruit and Watermelon: The Grapefruit and Watermelon is a perfect combination for the fresh & juicy flavor that a vodka contains. You can try it out in the summer season.

Remix Chocolate: For all the chocolate lovers, this remix chocolate vodka is a perfect vodka to enjoy during any cocktail party at home. You may experience dessert flavor in this vodka flavor.

Remix Lemon: Remix lemon is perfect choice for those who make cocktails in lemon. Sour flavor of this remix lemon make feel you refreshed & happy.

Lemongrass and Ginger: The Magic Moments Lemongrass and Ginger flavor has an aroma of ginger which makes its taste so lusty.

Cucumber and Wild Green Lemon: This flavor has a crisp lemon and cucumber flavor that is cooling and refreshing, making it ideal for summer days.

Remix Raspberry: The Remix Raspberry has a sweet, pulpy flavor that goes well with many different types of cocktails. This flavor is perfect for party lovers.

Magic Moments Vodka Review

Magic Moments Price in Kerala- FAQs

Is Magic Moments a good brand?

Yes, Magic Moments is considered very good vodka in India right now. This is the first choice of many Indians over other vodka brands.

What are the flavors in Magic Moments?

Magic Moments vodka is available in many flavors but Green Apple and Lemon are the best flavors of Magic Moments.

What is Magic Moments 500ml price in Kerala?

The Magic Moments 500 price in Kerala is between ₹ 700 to ₹ 800. For accurate price you can visit your nearest alcohol shop.

What is Magic Moments 375ml price in Kerala?

The Magic Moments 375ml Price in Kerala is around ₹ 500.

What is Magic Moments 750ml price in Kerala?

The Magic Moments 750ml Price in Kerala is ₹ 999.

What is Magic Moments chocolate price in Kerala?

The Magic Moments chocolate price in Kerala is ₹ 999.


I hope now you know the Magic Moments price in Kerala. However, Magic Moments price in Kerala is slightly higher than any other states. Kindly note that prices of vodka and other beverages may differ from state to state due to various type of taxes.

We recommend you to kindly visit your nearest alcohol shop (Theka) for latest  prices of alcohol beverages. If you have any query regarding Magic Moments price in Kerala you can share in the comment section below.

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