Kingfisher Beer Price in India [Jan 2024]

Do you want to know the Kingfisher Beer price in India?  In this today’s article, we will check out the latest Kingfisher Beer price in India.

Kingfisher Beer is one of the famous beer brands available in the Indian market. Mr. Vijay Malya is the owner of Kingfisher Beer. Everyone knows the controversy of Mr.Vijay Malya. However, this beer continues to be the most popular in the world and the best-selling Indian beer despite financial and legal difficulties.

Kingfisher Beer is available in 330ml, 500ml, and 650ml in the Indian market.

In this article we will check:

  • Kingfisher Beer Can price
  • Kingfisher Beer 12 pack price
  • Kingfisher Strong Beer price
  • Kingfisher Beer 500ml price in India
  • Kingfisher Ultra Beer price
  • Kingfisher Beer tin price

Kingfisher Beer Price in India

Brand NameVolumePrice
Kingfisher Beer Price in Delhi500ml₹105
Kingfisher Beer Price in Mumbai500ml₹140
Kingfisher Beer Price in Kolkata500ml₹100
Kingfisher Beer Price in Kerala500ml₹110
Kingfisher Beer Price in Assam500ml₹145
Kingfisher Beer Price in Bangalore500ml₹120
Kingfisher Beer Price in Punjab500ml₹110
Kingfisher Beer Price in Goa500ml₹120
Kingfisher Beer Price in Hyderabad500ml₹135
Kingfisher Beer Price in Pune500ml₹145
Kingfisher Beer Price in UP500ml₹110
Kingfisher Beer Price in Indore500ml₹145
Kingfisher Beer Price in Jaipur500ml₹130
Kingfisher Beer Price in Odisha500ml₹110
Kingfisher Beer Price in Rajasthan500ml₹130
Kingfisher Beer Price in Bhopal500ml₹154
Kingfisher Beer Price in Chandigarh500ml₹110
Kingfisher Beer Price in Dehradun500ml₹145
Kingfisher Price in Telangana500ml₹140
Kingfisher Price in Lucknow500ml₹110
Kingfisher Price in Ranchi500ml₹140
Kingfisher Price in Jharkhand500ml₹140
Kingfisher Price in Karnataka500ml₹175
Kingfisher Price in Maharashtra500ml₹140
Kingfisher Price in Nagpur500ml₹140
Kingfisher Price in Tamilnadu500ml₹130
Kingfisher Price in Noida500ml₹110

Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in India

Brand NameVolumePrice
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Delhi500ml₹105
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Mumbai500ml₹155
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Kolkata500ml₹110
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Hyderabad500ml₹140
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Goa500ml₹150
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Rajasthan500ml₹145
Kingfisher Strong Beer Price in Bangalore500ml₹140

Kingfisher Beer alcohol percentage

Kingfisher Beer contains 4.8% alcohol

About Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer is one of the top-selling beers in India. Mr.Vijay Mallya founded the well-known Indian beer brand Kingfisher in the year 1978. Kingfisher Beer is brewed by United Breweries Group and its market is in d in more than 50 countries all around the world.

It is one of the stronger beers available in the Indian market with an ABV of 4.8%.  Well, there are many variants available in the market but Kingfisher Premium and Kingfisher Strong are top among them.

Kingfisher Beer has been ranked in 74th position among the most trusted brands according to Brand Trust Report 2012. A few details of Kingfisher Beer are given below-:

Brand nameKingfisher Beer
Alcohol Percentage4.8%
Origin of CountryIndia
United Breweries Group
Introduced in Year1857
Volume Available330ml, 500ml, 550ml, 650ml,
Official Website

Kingfisher Beer Variants

Following are the variants of Kingfisher Beer.

  • Kingfisher Premium
  • Kingfisher Strong
  • Kingfisher Magnum Strong
  • Kingfisher Strong Fresh
  • Kingfisher Draught
  • Kingfisher Ultra
  • Kingfisher Blue
  • Kingfisher Red
  • Kingfisher Lager
  • Kingfisher Storm

Kingfisher Beer price in India  – FAQs

What is Kingfisher Beer 12 pack price in India ?

The Kingfisher Beer 12 pack price in india is around ₹1000 .

Who is Kingfisher Beer owner ?

United Breweries Group  is the owner of Kingfisher Beer.

What is Kingfisher Strong Beer alcohol percentage ?

The Kingfisher Strong Beer contains 4.8% alcohol.

What is Kingfisher Beer bottle price ?

The average price of Kingfisher Beer bottle is around ₹100 to ₹150.

What is Kingfisher Ultra beer price ?

Kingfisher Ultra beer price is around ₹110 to ₹170 .

What is Kingfisher Beer Can price in India ?

Kingfisher Beer Can price is around ₹100 to ₹150 in India.

What is Kingfisher Beer rate in India?

Kingfisher Beer rate is around ₹100 to ₹150 in India.

What is Kingfisher Lager Beer price in India?

The average price of Kingfisher Lager Beer is around ₹100 to ₹170 in India.


Well, in this article we have provided you with the prices of Kingfisher Strong Beer, Kingfisher Lager Beer, Kingfisher Can Beer, and Kingfisher Ultra Premium beer in all the states of India.

However, the current prices may vary depending on a number of variables such as the volume of the bottle and any taxes or charges imposed by the Indian government.  

Please note that always drink in moderation. Stay Healthy and safe.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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