Jim Beam Price in Goa [Jan 2024] 

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Jim Beam is one of the popular premium whisky brand in Goa after Jack Daniels, Red Label. 

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Jim Beam Price in Goa 

Brand NameVolumePrice
Jim Beam Price in Goa50ml₹ 110
Jim Beam Price in Goa180ml₹ 230
Jim Beam Price in Goa750ml₹ 1420

About Jim Beam Whiskey

Jim Beam Whiskey is one of the oldest whisky brands in the world. Jim Beam is an American whiskey brand of bourbon whisky and produced in Beam Suntory in Kentucky . In 1943, the company adopted the name “Jim Beam” in recognition of James B. Beam, who revived the enterprise following the repeal of Prohibition. Jim Beam Whiskey contains 40% alcohol.

You can find the details below regarding Jim Beam Whiskey-:[Jim Beam Price in Goa]

Whisky Brand nameJim Beam Whiskey
Origin of CountryUnited States
Alcohol Percentage40%
ManufacturerBeam Suntory
Introduced in Year1795
TasteBold and rich, Hint of Spice
Official WebsiteJimbeam.com

Jim Beam Variants

Jim Beam offers various variants. A few details of Jim Beam Whiskey is given below.

1. Jim Beam White Label- The company’s signature product is Jim Beam White Label also referred to Jim Beam Bourbon. It is a classic, straight bourbon whisky from Kentucky that represents Jim Beam’s history. Jim Beam White Label has a smooth and mellow flavour profile that makes it perfect for drinking plain or in cocktails.

2. Jim Beam Black Label – Jim Beam Black Label is also known as Extra-Aged Bourbon. It is the most expensive brand of Jim Beam. This brand offers a complex and rich flavor profile due to the lengthier ageing process. With aromas of caramel, vanilla, and oak, Jim Beam Black Label is a lovely drinking whisky that appeals to whisky lovers

3. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut- This brand describes the quantity of whisky that is still in the barrel after it has finished maturing. Using a unique method, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut removes this trapped whisky and produced a powerful and intense flavor profile.

4. Jim Beam Honey – Jim Beam Honey is a flavor-infused whisky that combines the smoothness of Jim Beam Bourbon with a hint of raw honey. This whisky is a popular choice for people who prefer more expensive spirits or are new to whisky because of its slightly pleasant and appealing flavor.

5. Jim Beam Apple – Jim Beam Apple is a flavor-enhanced version of the original Jim Beam whisky that imparts the crisp, fruity flavor of green apples. This expression provides a smooth and pleasurable drinking experience by striking the perfect balance between the whisky’s personality and the natural fruit flavor.

Some of other variants of Jim Beam Whiskey are listed below-

  •  Jim Beam Bonded (metallic gold label)
  • Jim Beam Double Oak (dark blue label) 
  • Jim Beam Single Barrel 
  • Jim Beam Rye (green label)
  • Jim Beam Kentucky Fire
  •  Jim Beam Maple
  • Jim Beam Red Stag
  • Jim Beam Vanilla
  • Jim Beam Peach
  • Jim Beam Orange


Jim Beam Whiskey is a very popular Whiskey in Goa but the prices may be different due to various factors such as the volume of alcohol in the bottle, the size of the bottle, and the taxes,duties levied by the government of India.

We have given you the prices of Jim Beam as per the official information available, for current & latest prices of Jim Beam , you may visit your nearest alcohol shop in Goa.

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