Golfers Shot Price in India Jan 2024

Hello my dear viewers, do you want to know India’s most premium and widely known Whisky brand Golfers Shot price in India?  Golfers Shot is one of the premium and finest whiskies sold out in India.

In this today’s article, we will discuss the latest & updated Golfers Shot Price in India . Knowing the most recent price list is crucial because costs in India are constantly changing as a result of new taxation regulations. We will also go into this well-known whisky company’s history, benefits, and distinctive features.

In this article, we will check out the prices of Golfers Shot whisky for 750ml in all the states of India.

Golfers Shot Price in India

Brand NameVolumePrice
Golfers Shot Price in Delhi750ml₹900
Golfers Shot Price in UP750ml₹1100
Golfers Shot Price in Haryana750ml₹950
Golfers Shot Price in Jharkhand750ml₹1050
Golfers Shot Price in AP750ml₹717
Golfers Shot Price in Rajasthan750ml₹920
Golfers Shot price in Rajasthan750ml₹975
Golfers Shot Price in Uttarakhand750ml₹970
Golfers Shot Price in Hyderabad750ml₹1360
Golfers Shot Price in Lucknow750ml₹1100
Golfers Shot Price in Goa750ml₹600
Golfers Shot Price in Mumbai750ml₹800
Golfers Shot Price in Gurgaon750ml₹950
Golfers Shot Price in Maharashtra750ml₹800
Golfers Shot Price in Kolkata750mlApprox ₹900-₹1000
Golfers Shot Price in Chennai750mlApprox ₹900-₹1000
Golfers Shot Price in Odisha750mlApprox ₹900-₹1000
Golfers Shot Price in Tamilnadu750mlApprox ₹900-₹1000

About Golfers Shot Whisky

Golfers Shot is one of the top-selling whisky brands in India. It is the favorite whisky brand among whisky enthusiasts after Blenders Pride. It is very famous in north Indian states like Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

Golfers Shot is an Indian whisky brand produced by Alcobrew Distilleries India Ltd., which is one of the largest alcoholic beverages company of India. Alcobew Distilleries is also producing other whisky brands like White & Blue , Old Smuggler, White Hills, Lion Daddy. Golfers Shot is the best product of Alcobrew Distilleries compared to other whisky brands. Mr. Romesh Pandita is the current CEO and MD of Alcobrew Distilleries India Ltd..

If we talk about the taste of Golfers Shot whisky, it tastes somewhat like Dark chocolate with flowery notes with a hint of smoke.

Golfer’s Shot is a unique whisky aged in hand-crafted oak casks to provide a rich golden color. The smooth flavor and ideal blend combine to create an experience that mirrors your own sense of flavor and achievement. Discover this wonderful blended whisky that has a perfect hint and flavor. The first taste reveals the strong flavor combination and subtle woodsy undertone that makes you feel at ease.

 Here are a few details of Golfers Shot Whisky-:

Whisky Brand nameGolfers Shot Whisky
Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Origin of CountryIndia
ManufacturerAlcobrew Distilleries India Ltd.
TasteDark chocolate with flowery notes and just a hint of smoke

Alcohol Percentage in Golfers Shot Whisky

The alcohol percentage in Golfers Shot Whisky 42.8%. Please be aware that the majority of whiskies contain the same proportion.

Available Volume of Golfers Shot Whisky

Golfers Shot Whisky is available in 90ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml. The prices of Golfers Shot vary according to the size & volume of the bottle.

How to drink Golfers Shot Whisky

Pouring Golfers Shot over a few ice cubes is one of the simplest ways to drink it. The whisky’s flavors and fragrances will be enhanced as a result, and the ice will assist in somewhat diluting it and making it more accessible.

Due to its light, fruity, and floral flavor profile, Golfers Shot is a popular choice for blending in cocktails.

Drinking whisky straight or without any water or ice, allows you to experience the spirit’s purest flavor. You’ll enjoy a bolder, more potent flavor as a result.

Adding a little water can assist the whisky’s flavors and aromas to come through more clearly and make it more accessible.

Golfers Shot Whisky Review

You can check out the Golfers Shot  Whisky Review below-:

Golfers Shot Price in India- FAQs

Which country brand is Golfers Shot whisky?

Golfers Shot whisky is an Indian brand produced by Alcobrew Distilleries India Ltd.

Who is the owner of Golfershot?

Golfers Shot is owned by Alcobrew Distilleries India Ltd.

What is Golfers Shot price in Haryana 750ml?

Golfers Shot 750ml price in Haryana is ₹950.

What is Golfers Shot 750ml price in India?

The average price of Golfers Shot 750ml in India is around ₹800 to ₹1100 .

What is Golfer Shot 750ml price in UP?

Golfer Shot 750ml price in UP is ₹1100.

What is Golfers Shot 750ml price in Delhi?

Golfers Shot 750ml price in Delhi is ₹900.


Although the prices of Golfers Shot are a little high compared to other whisky brands yet In the end, the enjoyment of whisky is found in the experiences it provides, not only in its cost. Whisky lovers can discover joy in the tales, flavors, and shared moments that whisky brings to life, whether they are savoring a beloved bottle or trying new expressions.

For the latest & updated prices of Golfers Shot Whisky, you can visit your nearest alcoholic beverages shop.

If you have any queries or suggestions about Golfers Shot Whisky, you can ask in the comment section below.

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