Discovery Whisky Price in Delhi [Jan 2024]

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Discovery Whisky Price in Delhi

Brand NameVolumePrice
Discovery Elite Whisky90mlRs.55/-
Discovery Elite Whisky180mlRs.110/-
Discovery Elite Whisky375mlRs.225/-
Discovery Elite Whisky750mlRs.450/-

Delhi is the capital city of India. It is famous for foods & drinks . 

Discovery Whisky is one of the famous and cheapest brand whisky available in Delhi.

Introduction about Discovery Whisky

Discovery Whisky is made from very finest quality homegrown ingredients. It is a blend of scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. It is a product of NV Group.

You can find the details below regarding Discovery Whisky -:

Whisky Brand nameDiscovery Elite Whisky
Alcohol Percentage42.8% ALC/VOL
Origin of CountryIndia
ManufacturerNV Group
ColorGolden Brown
NoseLeafy, Woody, Nutty , Touch of Smoke
PallateMedium bodied
FinishRounded & Smooth

Volumes of Discovery Whisky

Discovery Whisky comes in three sizes of bottes containing different quantity of volumes. This Whisky is available in Delhi in following volumes -:

  • 90ml
  • 180ml
  • 375ml
  • 750ml

Discovery Whisky Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Discovery a good whisky?

Discovery Whisky is very good whiskey to drink.

What is the alcohol percentage of Discovery Whisky?

Discovery Whisky contains 42.8% alcohol.

What is Discovery Whisky 180ml  price in Delhi?

Discovery Whisky 180ml price in Delhi is Rs.110/-

What is Discovery  Whisky 375ml  price in Delhi?

Discovery Whisky 375ml price in Delhi is Rs.225/-

What is Discovery Whisky price 750ml in Delhi ?

Discovery Whisky 750ml price in Delhi is Rs.410/-

Discovery Whisky Price in DelhiConclusion

 Discovery Whisky price in Delhi and other states may differ due to taxes, productions or other taxes by state government. For latest price of alcohol you may visit the nearest alcohol shop.

Please note that alcohol is injurious to health. So  drink moderately. Stay Healthy and fit.

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