Johnnie Walker Black Label Price in Kolkata Jan 2024

Hello guys, Are you here to know the current Black Label Price in Kolkata for different variants of Black Label? if yes, then in this article I will provide you the current information regarding Black Label Price in Kolkata for all volumes and all variants of Black Label Whisky.

Black Label Whisky is a very popular Whisky brand in India. It is one of the most selling whisky brands in the market of Kolkata and in whole Indian market .

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  • Black Label Price in Kolkata
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  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Price in Kolkata
  • Black Label 750ml Price in Kolkata
  • Black Label 12 Years Price in Kolkata

Black Label Price in Kolkata

Black Label Price in Kolkata [Blended]750ml₹ 2830
Black Label Price in Kolkata [Lowlands Origin]750ml₹ 2920

Black Label price in Kolkata 750ml

Johnnie Walker Black Label price in Kolkata is around ₹ 2800. However, you may find a little variation in the price of Johnnie Walker Black Label in Kolkata Airport.

About Black Label Whisky

Black Label Whisky is One of the most well-known and commonly drank whiskies in India as well as the rest of the globe. This popular whisky brand Black Label is owned by Johnnie Walker, a well-known businessman.

In the year 1909, Johnnie Walker Black Label made its debut on the market. The mix was made from more than 40 different whiskies, all of which were at least 12 years old. Single malt and grain whiskies from various parts of Scotland, all at least 12 years old, are expertly blended together.

The Johnnie Walker’s Black Label whisky has its own unique, distinct and smooth flavor compare to other premium whisky brands like Red Label100 Pipers, and Antiquity Blue Whisky available in the Indian market right now.

You can check the details below regarding BlackLabel Whisky-:

Whisky Brand NameBlack Label
Alcohol Percentage40%
Origin countryScotland
Produced byJohnnie Walker
Establishment Year1909
Official Website

About Johnnie Walker

John Walker founded the Scotch whisky business Johnnie Walker in Kilmarnock, Scotland, in 1820. The most well-known manifestation of the brand is The Red Label, a blend of more than 30 distinct whiskies. The other variant of Johnnie Walker is Blue Label which is a blend of some of its oldest and rarest whiskies.

Diageo is a British multinational alcoholic beverage business that owns Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker was the first Scotch Whisky brand to export abroad and the first to sell 1 million cases in a calendar year.

Variants of Johnnie Walker

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label: Black Label Whisky was introduced in the Year 1909 by blending of Forty (40) Whiskies with a minimum age of 12 Years. Later it gets a very rich and complex flavor.
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label:  Originally this whisky brand is a mixture of very rare and very old whiskies malts.
  •  Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare: This whisky is prepared in old distilleries.
  • Johnnie Walker Green Label: This Whisky is prepared by malted Whisky aged for minimum  15 Years which results in its peaty and smoky flavor.
  • Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years: This whisky is prepared by ageing process for 18 years. This whisky comes in a very rare and limited edition.
  • Johnnie Walker Platinum Label: This Whisky is prepared by blending old and rarest whiskies.
  • Johnnie Walker Double Black Label: Heavily charred oak casks are used to prepare this whisky.
  • Johnnie Walker Aged 21 Years: This whisky also comes in very limited bottles and is aged for around 21 years.
  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve: This Whisky is also a blend of very rare and old whiskies.

Alcohol Percentage in Black Label Whisky

The Black Label contains 40% alcohol similar to most of the selling whiskies in the Indian market.

Black Label Price in Kolkata  – FAQs

What is Black Label 12 years price in Kolkata ?

Black Label 12 years price in Kolkata is around ₹ 2800.

What is Black Label 750ml price in Kolkata ?     

Johnnie Walker Black Label costs around ₹ 2800 for 750ml in Kolkata.


For more than a century, Johnnie Walker Black Label has been sold only in its recognizable square bottle. Black Label is currently available in all alcoholic shops near Kolkata.

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